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The Story

For my first blog post I decided I would fill you in on the back story of how this business came to be.

First of all, to introduce myself, my name is Maggie Evoy. I am a Chartered Professional Accountant with an entrepreneurial spirit. I am originally from Charlottetown, PEI where I grew up and am currently living in Halifax, Nova Scotia which has become my home.

While obtaining my Bachelor of Science at the University of New Brunswick I took multiple accounting courses as electives and decided that accounting was where my true interest and strengths laid. I loved numbers and the thrill that came with making those financial statements balance (I am a TOTAL nerd).

I graduated with my Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and from there went back to University in Charlottetown, PEI at the University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI) to obtain the pre-requisite business courses required by the Atlantic School of Chartered Accountancy (ASCA).

For the past five years I have been working in public accounting first with MacIsaac Roche Soloman Burge (MRSB) in Charlottetown, PEI and then moved to Halifax to work for PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC).

During my time at MRSB I worked mostly on small to medium sized business clients and not for profit organizations. Most of the work I did consisted of compilations, reviews, audits and bookkeeping as well as preparing charity, individual and corporate tax returns. With PwC I worked in the Assurance department primarily performing audits for small, medium and large businesses as well as for not for profit organizations.

I soon realized that my interests fell strongly with small businesses and not for profit organizations. The work performed by small businesses and not for profit organizations truly inspires me, makes me excited and has me jumping out of bed in the morning. Aiding in the success of these organizations is the type of work I knew I needed to be doing to feel rewarded.

Fast forward to September 2017 I decided to start a firm that was directed toward start ups, small businesses and not for profit organizations to turn my own entrepreneurial dream into a reality by following my passion for these businesses and people.

Let me help you make sense of the numbers, ease the stress that bookkeeping, accounting and tax can cause and help make your dreams a reality.

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